The birth of my theater blog

Busker Alley was a show by Sherman & Sherman (most famous for writing the music and lyrics to Mary Poppins). It was designed as a vehicle to showcase Broadway legend Tommy Tune. Tune toured it for several months in 1995, and it had an opening scheduled at the St. James Theater on Broadway. But at the end of the last performance of the tour, Tune landed wrong and broke his foot.  The backers skedaddled, and that was that. 

Busker poster

I’ve named this blog Busker Alley for several reasons. First, I’m a devoted Tommy Tune fan. Second, I’ve heard audio of this whole show (can you say “booooootleg”?), and I genuinely like a lot of it and wish it had made it to Broadway for all of us to enjoy.

But maybe the most important reason is what Busker Alley represents in theater history: It’s a capricious industry, but a joyous art form. The two don’t always go together well.

Welcome to Busker Alley.


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