Summer is Musical Theatre Festival season in NYC!

Worried that you’ll die from withdrawal before the new Broadway season gets rolling? Don’t want to slog out to  Williamstown, but you really need to see a musical, like, now? We got ya covered:




This festival is for short, stand-alone musicals and “snapshots” of larger works.

Thirty, count ’em, thirty little musicals that could (and can and will!) are being presented in five series of six shows, June 19-29, 2014 at the Player’s Theatre.

claudia schmidt

FINAL APPROACH composer Claudia Schmidt

Promising highlights:

Final Approach: The Amelia Earhart Musical, offering a surprising new look at the life and motivations of the famous flyer. Written by Laura McLachlan with music by Claudia Schmidt.

Save the Robots, a sci-fi rock musical based on Karel Capek’s 1920 play R.U.R., which introduced the word “robot” into science fiction. Written by Erica Ether, with music by Robert Susman and Clark Render.

A Jury Line, or Twelve Potentially Angry Men, a satire about jury duty, riffing on A Chorus Line. Written by Gil Varod with music by Scott Stein.


Big Mama of musical theatre festivals. Running July 7-27, 2014. Twenty-five full-length musicals in various venues.

Promising highlights:

Valueville, a musical that takes place in a giant superstore. As do many American lives. Written and composed by Rowen Casey.

The Snow Queen, an updated musical version of the Hans Christian Anderson classic fairy tale. This show is particularly notable for offering an autism-friendly performance. Written and composed by Kristen Brandt, Rick Lombardo, and Haddon Kime.

alexis fishman

DER GELBE STERN writer and performer, Alexis Fishman

Der Gelbe Stern (The Yellow Star), a musical about the excesses and glamour of the cabaret scene in Weimar-era Berlin. Written by James Millar and Alexis Fishman, who also stars. Music by composers of the era.